Published Papers (Selection)

Reutterer, Thomas, Michael Platzer, and Nadine Schröder (2021), "Leveraging Purchase Regularity for Predicting Customer Behavior the Easy Way", International Journal of Research in Marketing, 38 (1), 194-215. [Abstract] [PDF Article]
Wieringa, Jaap, P.K. Kannan, Xiao Ma, Thomas Reutterer, Hans Risselada, and Bernd Skiera (2021), "Data analytics in a privacy-concerned world", Journal of Business Research, 122, 915-925. [Abstract] [PDF Article]
Schröder, Nadine, Andreas Falke, Harald Hruschka, and Thomas Reutterer (2019), "Analyzing the Browsing Basket: A Latent Interests-Based Segmentation Tool", Journal of Interactive Marketing, 47, 181-197. [Abstract] [PDF Article]
Reisenbichler, Martin and Thomas Reutterer (2018), "Topic Modeling in Marketing: Recent Advances and Research Opportunities", Journal of Business Economics, 89 (3), 327-356. [Open Access Article]
Reutterer, Thomas, Kurt Hornik, Nicolas March and Kathrin Gruber (2017), "A Data Mining Framework for Targeted Category Promotions", Journal of Business Economics, 87 (3), 337-358. [Open Access Article]
Platzer, Michael and Thomas Reutterer (2016), "Ticking Away the Moments: Timing Regularity Helps to Better Predict Customer Activitiy", Marketing Science, 35 (5), 779-799. [Abstract] [PDF Article] [Video Clip]
Theußl, Stefan, Thomas Reutterer, and Kurt Hornik (2014), "How to derive consensus among various marketing journal rankings?", Journal of Business Research, 67 (5), 998-1006. [Abstract] [PDF Article]
Ozimec, Ana-Marija, Martin Natter, and Thomas Reutterer (2010), "GIS-Based Marketing Decisions – Effects of Alternative Data Visualizations on Decision Quality", Journal of Marketing, 74 (November), 94-110. [Abstract] [PDF Article]
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Martin Natter, Thomas Reutterer, Andreas Mild and Alfred Taudes (2008), "An Assortmentwide Decision-Support System for Dynamic Pricing and Promotion Planning in DIY Retailing", Marketing Science, 26 (4), 76-583. [PDF via INFORMS] [2005 ISMS Practice Prize Video]
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Thomas Reutterer, Andreas Mild, Martin Natter and Alfred Taudes (2006), "A Dynamic Segmentation Approach for Targeting and Customizing Direct Marketing Campaigns", Journal of Interactive Marketing, 20 (3/4), 43-57. [Abstract] [PDF Article]
Andreas Mild and Thomas Reutterer (2003), "An improved collaborative filtering approach for predicting cross-category purchases based on binary market basket data", Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 10 (3), 123-133. [Abstract] [PDF Article]
Thomas Reutterer and Martin Natter (2000), "Segmentation-based competitive analysis with MULTICLUS and topology representing networks", Computers & Operations Research, 27, 1227-1247. [Abstract] [PDF Article]
Christian Buchta, Sara Dolnicar, and Thomas Reutterer (2000), A Nonparametric Approach to Perceptions-Based Market Segmentation: Applications. Wien, New York: Springer, 2000. Interdisciplinary Studies in Economics and Management. ISBN 3-211-83474-527, 1227-1247. [Abstract]

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